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ROP jihovýchod

A Place of World Heritage

Lying preserved beneath a mantle of chalky loess, subsequently deposited here by millennia of Ice Age winds, are the ground plans of settlements and hearths, the remnants of workshops, evidence for the manufacture of tools and other items of the Palaeolithic household, as well as bone waste from hunted and consumed animals (middens of mammoth bones and the remains of other animals). Some of the site’s most precious finds are the skeletons of the people themselves, and evidence of technologies which according to current knowledge were used here by people for the first time ever, and, last but not least, the artistic artefacts that demonstrate the inhabitants’ aesthetic sensibilities.

The archaeological sites on the slopes of the limestone ridge of the Pálava (Pavlov Hills) represent one of Europe’s most important settlement areas, created by modern Homo sapiens on the continent 30,000 years ago.