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Archaeological path Dolní Věstonice - Pavlov

Not only behind the walls of our museum you can get to know the prehistoric culture of mammoth hunters!

From 2019, you can follow in the footsteps of mammoth hunters under Pálava. The newly created archaeological path between Pavlov and Dolní Věstonice will take you through the 5 most important archeological sites. You can look at the places where archaeologists made discoveries years ago that forever inscribed the area below Pálava in world history. You can walk near places where, for example, the famous Venus of Věstonice was found or where the mysterious Dolnověstonice triple tomb was discovered to this day. However, this is only a fraction of what the panels at the individual stops will acquaint you with. Get acquainted with the findings that present the lives of people 30,000 years ago.


trail length: 3.5 km

number of stops: 5

difficulty: medium, for hikers

language: Czech and English

Panel Dolní Věstonice I Panel Dolní Věstonice II Panel Dolní Věstonice IIa Panel Dolní Věstonice III Panel Pavlov I